Clip Studio Paint – Text Tool for Lettering

Clip Studio Paint – Using the Text Tool for Lettering Comics! In this tutorial video, I go over the basics of the text tool for lettering comics dialog in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5). This should apply to all versions of Clip Studio – Pro and EX, as well as the Debut and EX versions of Manga Studio 5.

This video mainly pertains to the type tool with regard to lettering dialog. I do not cover SFX, or other type effects. That will be covered in a future video. You’ll see I added a little bit at the end, and right as I was prepping to post this I remembered OTHER things I wanted to share, so, there will definitely be more lettering videos to come. Too much little nuances to cover in just the one video.

I do reference another specific video I made about making my favorite word balloon shape, which can be found here:

Clip Studio Paint Pro*:
Clip Studio Paint EX*:

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